Tree Manager

Perfect Traceability for Cacao Beans

What is the Tree Manager

  • It is a Mobile App for Cacao Beans Traceability

  • Tree Manager enables Cacao Growers to Manage and keep a well structured journal of their Cacao Forest

  • Patent pending Technology

  • Connected to the Ethereum Blockchain via CacaoShares Tokens

What are the features

  • Manage Tree Data, location and Germination Date

  • Yield Management  Flower count, Fruit count

  • Manage maintenance Pruning, fumigation

  • Health Records complete health history, diseases and treatments applied

Who Can use it

  • Cacao Farmers of any scale

  • Cacao Traders who want to validate the authenticity of their acquisitions

  • Consumers who want to know more about the origin of their Chocolate

The True Tree to Bar​

By using Tree Manager on any Android Phone and installing special NFC tags on the Cacao trees it is possible to:

Ease Cacao Bean Certification. Obtain Sophisticated management reports 

Diagnose and mitigate plague damage, disease

Add value to your Cacao. Provide end-to-end traceability