Social Entrepreneurship about Venezuela Cacao in Japan

There is a growing trend to make Cacao trade as well as Cacao farming a more sustainable activity. Today we present our Campaign at the famous Social Crowdfunding website camp-fire

We will be offering some exciting rewards using exotic cacao from Patanemo Village in Venezuela together with social expenditure programs to increase the presence of CacaoShares in more remote areas in Venezuela

Unlike other crops that rely hevily on automation, Cacao needs the presence of humans as caregivers of a forest where cacao fruits grow and are processed for export. After exported the Cacao beans become chocolate

This year we completed an export of Fine Cacao from Patanemo Venezuela beans that are safely stored at the port of Yokohama. Now we offer the public the opportunity to support our project via camp-fire

Thanks in advance for your support!

details of the campaign at :

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Cacao forests worldwide are facing challenges due to severe drought and climate change, some researchers even argue that Cacao may be extinct by year 2050. Some large corporations have responded by trying to make Cacao into a GMO.

Our vision is different, we aim at preserving Cacao in its natural environment by identifying and propagating ancestral varieties of Cacao that can only be found in Venezuela