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Help us conduct massive tree planting in Patanemo Village.One problem in the productivity of Cacao in Patanemo is that excess sunlight damages the leaves.

We urgently need to replant temporary shade (banana) and permanent shade (oaks, cypresses, other fruits) so that the light and biochemical balance of the soil can be restored and become sustainable

Shade Trees for Patanemo (Donation)

by Jose Patino

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Patanemo, Venezuela

Jose Patino

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Help us conduct massive tree planting in Patanemo Village

Cacao is an agroforestry system and needs a good amount of shade, some shade is considered Temporary shade and some shade is Permanent Shade


There is not enough tall trees to cover the entire Cacao Plantation and excess exposition to


With your contribution we can leverage funds to plant new bananas, ceibas and cypresses which not only provide shade to the Cacao plantation but also


New trees and new agroforestry systems provide CO2 capture and help mitigate climate change. At the same time these new forests help

About us

We work closely with experts from the Central University in Venezuela to Make possible sustainable farming in Patanemo, Central Venezuela

1$ per 1 seedling.

10$ per grown trees

We also aim at bringing in semi grown trees (1 or 2 meters tall), we need at least to bring 100 trees to jutify the rental of a truck to Patanemo


-$4.00 or more

Your contribution helps build a sustainable agroforestry system in Venezuela.
For your donation we will give you a Thank you message and postcard from The local people of Patanemo

December, 2021

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