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Create a Cacao Forest featuring a rare variety from Venezuela that yields extremely well. This is a strong Cacao criollo that gives unique flavors and can be exported to Japan

Agroforest of 50 Ha of Cacao Criollo in Venezuela

by Cacao Shares

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Tachira, Venezuela

Cacao Shares

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Campaign Story

Bust the myths about Cacao Criollo

Criollos are weak  — False
Criollos Yield little — False
Export from Venezuela is Difficult  — False

The Project

There is scientific consensus that Venezuela is the origin of Cacao Criollo and that there are more subspecies than anywhere else on the planet

Some of these Criollo subspecies are endangered having left just a few  specimens for propagation and scientific study

Since 2016 our Team worked together with to classify and identify Criollos all over Venezuela

Dr. Alexis Zambrano and Satfel Dugarte  also introduced to us to the diversity of Venezuelan Cacao

In 2019 we found estates with enormous potential but not productivity pest infested, underinvested. We have to do something about it

A variety, yet to be named,  was discovered by  (aka) Hank Rearden. This is a strong Cacao criollo that gives unique flavors and yields extremely well,

Trees have been there for more than 50 years and about 10trees were identified as elite. We will massively plant this Strong Criollo

Ancestral Cacao

  • Similar in shape and flavors to widely known varieties such as Porcelana, Chuao etc
    Cacao Tachira
    High Yield Cacao Criollo
  • Highly  productive:75 pods per tree/year
  • 30 beans per pod
  • Bean index: 1,57
    High Yield Cacao Criollo Venezuela
    Venezuela Ancestral Cacao Criollo
    Ancestral Criollo beans from CacaoShares
    Ancestral Criollo beans from CacaoShares

    Beans are White/Pink with a traits of Ancestral Criollo

  • Density of 1300 Trees per HaTolerant to sunlight
    Resistant to common diseases such as Moniliasis
  • These special Criollos grow above 700 meters which gives an ample range of areas which can be cultivated,

We think by replanting and boosting all plantation with modern Criollos like the above  we can preserve the soils away from erosion and damage while creating an income generating  asset that foster development and creates value for investors

What you receive

  • Certificate of Investment
  • Managed processing export and reporting
  • Yearly returns of 15% of the principal for the life of the plantation

When will you receive it

Every December 21, after year 2 of implementation

Replant and condition 50 hectares in Táchira Venezuela


Using Highly productive Modern Criollos
Applying Fair Trade financing
Traceability technology and Management by Cacaoshares

Funding requirements

200,000 US$

Use of Funds

The funds will be used to make The Model Farm with  at least 40,000 New Criollo trees , a sensory analysis lab, grafting and seedlings bank


  • Oct 2021: Genetic Studies, Land Studies, Grafting Selection
  • Oct 2021: Set up a seedlings nursery
  • Nov 2021: Land Conditioning
  • Nov 2021: Technical Program for the area. Focus on sanitary control, pruning, management
  • Nov 2021: Start Grafting
  • December 2021: First Nanolot samples going to Japan
  • January 2022: Start construction of post-harvesting facility
  • October 2023: Start exports to Japan



$100.00 or more

Receive 15% yearly reward over your contribution to make the first Strong Criollo Forest.

Be included in the private rollout of the tree manager App

Receive an exclusive sample of The Strong Criollo from Tachira Venezuela

December, 2022

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