All about Cacao digital Assets: Cacao Shares (CCS)

When does the Pre-sale end?
How is the pre-sale structured?
How can I buy CacaoShares?
Is this project connected to the Venezuelan Government?
Is there a minimum purchase?
I received an offer online to Buy CacaoShares, how do I know it is legit?
What are Cacao Shares?
Why Cacao?
What is the benefit of buying Cacao Shares
What is The Profit?
What are the risks?
Where are the Trees located and where are the beans exported to?
Why Venezuela?
Why Japan?
Who is behind this project?
What is the minimum investment?
How will the trees be surveyed?
Will you obtain carbon credits?
Can I visit the site?
What are the CCS Tokens
What technology or exchange supports CacaoShares?
What gives its value to CacaoShares?
What is the amount of the first release of CCSs?
Who can adopt CacaoShares?
How can anyone buy CacaoShares?
Exactly what should I do? Where can I store my CacaoShares
How much does one need to invest in this project?
What song does it play in the intro video of CacaoShares?