All about Cacao digital Assets: Cacao Shares (CCS)

When does the Private Sale end?
So far we are running private negotiations, please contact us if you have interest in CcS
How is the Fundraiser sale structured?
Coming soon we will be announcing our new sales plan and capitalization release notes
How can I buy CacaoShares?
Coming soon, you will see a purchase option in our homepage, you need to have ready a safe Ethrereum crypto currency wallet to Buy and store CacaoShares (CCS). We recommend using MyEtherwallet or Metamask to store your CacaoShares. CacaoShares are listed among the default assets at MEW so you can also buy directly from there and see your balance
Is this project connected to the Venezuelan Government?
CacaoShares is a privately managed program and we are not connected in any way with the Venezuelan Government. As part of our operations will happen in Venezuela we need to comply with the laws and regulations of Venezuela, including its export requirements
Is there a minimum purchase?
There is no minimum purchase, however we recommend you purchase by the 100s because that is the number of CacaoShares per each Cacao Tree, so 100 CcS equals 1 tree
I received an offer online to Buy CacaoShares, how do I know it is legit?
We only have one website selling CacaoShares it is www.cacaoshares.com. Please make sure you only interact with that URL as it is the only authorized way to buy CCS.  If you are an advanced user you can interact with our smart contract via ENS cacaoshares.eth The Cacaoshares team will never ask you for your private keys or password under no circumstance
What are Cacao Shares?
CacaoShares (CCS) are digital assets issued as shares, pegged to the Ethereum Network that are supported by plantations of Cacao Trees in Sur del Lago, Venezuela. Each Cacao Tree is equivalent to 100 Cacao Shares. A Cacao Tree can produce Cocoa for at least 25 years and for up to 100 years. The Cocoa Variety we plan to develop at Sur del lago Venezuela has the finest genetics and it is sought after by consumers as demanding as the japanese
Why Cacao?
The global demand for cacao has tripled since 1970 and the market for Cacao has had an average of 3% annual growth over the years. According to the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) According to Bloomberg, the 2011 global sales for chocolates exceeded US$100 Billion. By 2017, it is expected to reach US$147 Billion. Asia is one of the recently fastest growing consumers of cacao, experiencing a 12% growth between 2003 and 2017 Japan is the largest market for Venezuelan Cacao, with more than 5000 metric tons each year
What is the benefit of buying Cacao Shares
By buying Cacao Shares you are contributing to the creation and nurturing of a Tree forest in Venezuela, not just any kind of trees but Cacao Trees that are productive for a number of years. A Cacao forest requires semi-shadow, so the ecosystem will be surrounded by other kinds of trees such as cypresses and others There are different kinds of Benefits 1- The Ecological value of creating a forest with more than 1 million trees 2- The Social value of giving livelihood and social mobility to the local community in Sur del Lago, Venezuela and 3- The Commercial value of securing the supply of quality Cacao for the growing japanese market At current ETH prices(see right), one Cacao Tree (100 CacaoShares) will be costing just as much as one kilo of Cacao in the Retail Market in Tokyo
What is The Profit?
CcS are shares of a revenue generating organization, it also serves to facilitate future purchases of quality Cacao. The token sale is based on the fact that CcS tokens do not constitute any type of an investment instrument. CcS are not securities. Please see our White Paper and Terms of Purchase for more information on this. However, our token will be available on open exchanges just like any other utility token or crypto currency
What are the risks?
We will be working in cooperation with real life large size Cacao Growers and Exporters who also are experienced in exporting Cacao beans to Japan, like in any venture there are business risks, natural risks and political uncertainty that we plan on hedging by diversifying the number of operators we grow cacao trees with. Moreover, because the project will raise funds in Ethereum and ETH will be kept in the network until we deliver the milestones in the roadmap, so there is room for either appreciation or depreciation of the ETH as compared to your favorite FIAT currency
Where are the Trees located and where are the beans exported to?
The trees will be developed in Sur del Lago, Mérida state in Venezuela
Why Venezuela?
There is scientific consensus that Cacao species originated in Sur del Lago Venezuela. This gives an exceptional genetics to the cacao trees as wel as the perfect climate to produce the finest Cacao sought after by the most demanding consumes and chocolatiers
Why Japan?
Currently 50% of the premium Venezuela Cacao is exported to Japan, making it the main market worldwide, the project leader and his team are well acquainted both to Japan and Venezuela, with the right connections and skills both upstream and downstream the supply chain
Who is behind this project?
J. Alejandro Patiño is a Venezuelan Entrepreneur with experience in Commodities Trading and Treasury Management for Chinese exporters. He was awarded his Masters degree in Management at Hiroshima University in Japan, he has wide experience in Internet business since year 2000 and has also developed several b2b projects related to transactions between Asia and Latin America , more details about the team here https://cacaoshares.com/management/
What is the minimum investment?
The minimum investment is 5000$ or its equivalent, you can buy CacaoShares or its fractions and use it as investment store of value or interchange and above all as a promise to receive a quota of the best Cacao in the world, Each Cacao share will be released via an private sale completely decentralized and transparent
How will the trees be surveyed?
We will invest in the most advanced technology of tree tagging with RFID and aerial geo mapping to keep the bearers of Cacao shares informed about the status and performance of their assets Each Cacao Tree will have a unique special tag, linked to its smart contract ID and matched via a Decentralized app in the Ethereum network. Our team will use the capital raised to plant and tag the trees and to implement the technology of real time monitoring
Will you obtain carbon credits?
Planting over 1 million trees will be good for  business but also good for the people and for the environment. We will certify the Cacao Forest after year 4 with the help of a specialized NGO and subscribe to enjoy carbon credits. These benefit will be reinvested into more trees and the communities that farm the Cacao
Can I visit the site?
Visits to the site are possible and encouraged after the first 18 months from Sale date, you can even redeem your visit using Cacao shares to pay for the travel and lodging
What are the CCS Tokens
CCS are smart contracts backed on a real fixed tangible asset: Cacao trees planted in Sur del Lago Venezuela. Cacao Shares CCS are good as store of value and medium of exchange and we encourage others to adopt them in their systems and exchanges because of their fantastic prospects for appreciation and social positive context
What technology or exchange supports CacaoShares?
Cacao Shares will be released in the Ethereum Network as an ICO and we are working to link it with other exchanges who would like to create market for Cacao Shares
What gives its value to CacaoShares?
Because each CCS is supported by a real world fixed asset that is productive during a time period its value is highly stable and because the trees will be RFID tagged it can be easily measurable via a decentralized application that our team will develop in the Ethereum network using the funds raised
What is the amount of the first release of CCSs?
We will release 100,000,000 (one hundred million) for the first 1000 Ha of Criollo Sur del Lago Cacao. Those reserves will be developed on a span of 4 years. The release date is to be announced
Who can adopt CacaoShares?
So far we are presenting CCS shares to different intermediaries and Exchanges who may adopt CCS in their ecosystems. We will create and nurture a real life ecosystem that is measurable in the Ethereum network
How can anyone buy CacaoShares?
You need to hold ETH, the Token of the Ethereum network. Contact support for assistance on exchanges that can supply ETH and facilitate the purchase of Cacao Shares
Exactly what should I do? Where can I store my CacaoShares
The Cacao Shares are released via a smart contract and can be kept and safeguarded at any ethereum wallet, for example Mist or a cloud based one such as myetherewallet. In the coming days we will release a manual for it
How much does one need to invest in this project?
as little as 0.0005 ETH is enough to buy 1 unit of CacaoShares. We recommend to buy at least 100 units because it is the unit of a Cacao tree. Please see to the right of this page a quotation chart of ETH in USD
What song does it play in the intro video of CacaoShares?
It is an original theme composed by Mike Gerardino, a young Venezuelan musician