CcS Verified in the Ethereum Blockchain

Our team strives to continuously improve and provide assurances to our supporters and to the public. This time we have been granted the verified status for the authority Ethereum block explorer. You only need to search for cacaoshares.eth and you will see our complete records in a single source, so it will be easier to know if you are interacting with the right address and with the official social network channels

There are only 5 days left until we close the Pre Sale ICO

Thanks everyone for your support so far!

CcS Team

By admin

Cacao forests worldwide are facing challenges due to severe drought and climate change, some researchers even argue that Cacao may be extinct by year 2050. Some large corporations have responded by trying to make Cacao into a GMO.

Our vision is different, we aim at preserving Cacao in its natural environment by identifying and propagating ancestral varieties of Cacao that can only be found in Venezuela