Social Entrepreneurship about Venezuela Cacao in Japan

There is a growing trend to make Cacao trade as well as Cacao farming a more sustainable activity. Today we present our Campaign at the famous Social Crowdfunding website camp-fire

We will be offering some exciting rewards using exotic cacao from Patanemo Village in Venezuela together with social expenditure programs to increase the presence of CacaoShares in more remote areas in Venezuela

Unlike other crops that rely hevily on automation, Cacao needs the presence of humans as caregivers of a forest where cacao fruits grow and are processed for export. After exported the Cacao beans become chocolate

This year we completed an export of Fine Cacao from Patanemo Venezuela beans that are safely stored at the port of Yokohama. Now we offer the public the opportunity to support our project via camp-fire

Thanks in advance for your support!

details of the campaign at :

Announcements CacaoShares

Situation of the Cacao Beans Export Market in 2018

One of the main features of the CacaoShares program is our drive to be a revenue generating organization. It is no coincidence that we are following two major trends, one in Blockchain traceability with our proprietary technology which uses both physical and DApp sensors. Then, the other important trend which is also very measurable is one in the Chocolate Industry, specifically the world market for Venezuela Cacao Beans

As we can see in the following exhibit, from the Japan Ministry of Finance, in 2018 the trend has been sustained with imports accounting to of 3,113 Tons (only until September 2018) entering via all major sea ports in Japan, mainly Yokohama port.

It is expected that this number will increase in the last months of the year due to the fact that it is harvest time in Venezuela, hence many consignments are being prepared for export

Exhibit 1: Japan imports of Cacao beans from Venezuela until September 2018
Exhibit 1: Japan imports of Cacao beans from Venezuela until September 2018




Moreover, we can see in exhibit 2 the situation of exports to the world which highlights our rationale that more Cacao exports to Asia will be beneficial for the industry. Particularly rare varieties and with supply chain transparency of the kind that only our blockchain technology can provide

Exhibit 2: World Market for Venezuela Cacao beans
Exhibit 2: World Market for Venezuela Cacao beans

In the coming days the Token sale will resume, please stay attentive to more news from the CacaoShares program. The Chocolate Blockchain






Announcements CacaoShares

Updates on CacaoShares Token, October 2018

6 Months have passed since our Utility Token went into the Blockchain

The achievements we have so far are:

  • We have established a pipeline of negotiations with private Investors and we have agreed a date for releasing the Token for sale as “early bird”, soon to be announced
  • The Tree Manager App has been further developed and there is a version for iOS
  • We have signed agreements with major Cacao Growers and started surveying lands suitable for Cacao growing in Venezuela. We have made consultations into other Cacao growing nations as well
  • There is a revised version of our whitepaper with substantial improvements to the Token model and ecosystem, while preserving the core original concept of Cacao Shares Fundraise
  • Our Social Responsibility team has sponsored trial visits to the genetics lab in Miranda State Venezuela with students from the graduate class on Cacao from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV )
  • We are in the process of formation of a NGO that will be the charity arm of CacaoShares
  • The CcS Token has been listed among the default Token of the Trezor hardware wallet

We are happy to hear your comments, please contact our concierge at the left side of this website


The CacaoShares Team



CcS Verified in the Ethereum Blockchain

Our team strives to continuously improve and provide assurances to our supporters and to the public. This time we have been granted the verified status for the authority Ethereum block explorer. You only need to search for cacaoshares.eth and you will see our complete records in a single source, so it will be easier to know if you are interacting with the right address and with the official social network channels

There are only 5 days left until we close the Pre Sale ICO

Thanks everyone for your support so far!

CcS Team


Only Official CacaoShares points of contact

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Security and safety are number #1 therefore we urge our supporters to never share private keys or passwords or send ETH to suspicious addreses to anyone on any social network, The only authorized point to buy CacaoShares on ICO and PreICO stages is or cacaoshares.eth (for the ENS users)

Moreover, the only announcements come from the following Social network accounts:

CacaoShares CcS only points of contact

Thanks in advance!

Our website has been launched

It is a great day for Cacao Shares, as our website goes live, our ideas will spread and we will seek more teamwork and collaborators to make the best Cacao in the world a base for commerce and interchange.

Since its inception, Cacao Shares has been an imaginative project, defying time constraints and all sort of challenges everyday thousands of chocolate lovers in Japan enjoy the King of Cacaos, the Venezuelan bean.

Our value proposition is to nurture this relationship between nature and their lovers by giving options of ownership over Cacao trees. At the same time we will be creating an asset that holds intrinsic value and even appreciates over time

we welcome you to browse our FAQ and ask questions and make comments. If you want to join our team or discuss possible collaborations feel free to drop a line to [email protected]


Jose Alejandro Patino
Cacao Shares,
Pattern Rank LTD