ThE Chocolate Blockchain

Single origin

Fine Cacao


The Cocoa Tree (Theobroma Cacao) originated in Venezuela. Making it the most biodiverse Fine Cacao in the world

Fine Cacao is essential to give flavor and aroma to Luxury Chocolates.

It is estimated that 1 out of every 2 Japanese persons consumed chocolate made using Venezuelan Cacao

Our business model considers identifying and preserving exotic varieties of Cacao by nurturing relationships with the community and the use of innovative blockchain traceability

Forest preservation . Blockchain Traceability

Social Impact project, looking to connect small-scale Cacao Growers in Venezuela with chocolatiers in Japan

Preserving ancestral Cacao species and enabling a traceability system

Our project is about making Luxury Cacao beans better. There is strong demand for this product in Japan and the trend shows it will keep growing.
Chocolate has evolved from being a youngsters favorite to also become a healthy beneficial ingredient for adults.