CcS Verified in the Ethereum Blockchain

Our team strives to continuously improve and provide assurances to our supporters and to the public. This time we have been granted the verified status for the authority Ethereum block explorer. You only need to search for cacaoshares.eth and you will see our complete records in a single source, so it will be easier to […]

Cacao Shares in your ERC20 Wallet

CcS Tokens are on Presale until Feb 28, 2018 you can buy now and enjoy 47% off plus bonus depending on your contribution level. CcS Tokens will be served directly to your ERC20 wallet so please make sure you use a wallet that gives you full access with private keys. If you have your ETH […]

Only Official CacaoShares points of contact

Security and safety are number #1 therefore we urge our supporters to never share private keys or passwords or send ETH to suspicious addreses to anyone on any social network, The only authorized point to buy CacaoShares on ICO and PreICO stages is or cacaoshares.eth (for the ENS users) Moreover, the only announcements come […]