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  • ERC20 Platform (dApp) aimed at solving the traceability and availability problems of the Industry of luxury chocolate
  • Enjoy being part of the Future of Fine Chocolate, an ever growing asset steams from a unique Food Safety and Fine Cacao Beans Traceability technology.


Our project is about making Luxury Cacao beans better, there is a strong demand for this product from Chocolate manufacturers of all sizes in Japan and the trend shows it will keep growing. Chocolate has evolved from being a youngsters favorite to also become a healthy beneficial ingredient for adults.

By creating and operating our own Cacao beans supply and blockchain authenticity technology we believe that we can achieve extraordinary profits and impact positively the Fine Chocolate industry worldwide

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Cacao Shares is a platform that streamlines value along the supply Chain of Fine Chocolate, from the Tree to the Bar. Criollo Cacao is the main ingredient and the countries growing it present an exceptional opportunity to apply traceability in order to optimize the supply chain.

By using a revolutionary Traceability Technology, our platform called "Tree Manager"​ and connecting real Cacao Trees to the Blockchain we plan to dramatically improve transparency in the supply chain of chocolate.

CacaoShares are also means to provide market access to the more than 5 million small holders / farmers who grown this precious fruit (Cocoa) but have no means to reach further downstream in the supply chain.

Our team is aware of an extraordinary opportunity in the Japan luxurious chocolate market, where Criollo Cacao beans are highly regarded. The shares entitle the owner to a quota on the productivity of the tree for its entire life, which is about 25 years and up to 100 years

Management Solution to improve Performance on Cacao Forests worldwide


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